Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Fictitious Banality- Riddled Conversation About The Past Few Weeks

Person: Man, it's been a really shitty couple of days, hasn't it?

Me: Yeah. Pretty awful.

Person: I mean to think of it happening in America...

Me: Umm..that's pretty bad. But things have been bad since last week- Baghdad, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh- twice, Istanbul.

Person: Oh yeah. That too.

Me: I guess we shouldn't be surprised that few people remember it or even know about it. There is a bias in the media and online in how and who we talk about based on the color of their skin.

Person *appalled at my statement* : I think that's a pretty disgusting thing to say. Everything isn't as bad as you make it out to be. In death, we are all equal.

Me *laughing* : That last statement has been proven wrong throughout history multiple times.

Person *ignoring me as he looks to his phone * : "Baby it don't matter if you're Black or White"

Me: Really? Your defense is a pop song?

Person *visibly annoyed*: I am not saying anything to you. That's just the caption I have kept for my Instagram post in the wake of the shootings in USA and Dallas.

Me: Victims are grateful for that. I am sure.

Person:  Oh don't start now. It's not even your opinion. The Comedian Anthony Jeselnick said it without providing any solution. So thoughts and prayers don't help. What do we do?

Me: Never forgetting. Choosing painful remembrance over instant gratification and declarations. Everyone should deal with a loss in their own way but not by assuming that their grief is greater than the others. If you're a religious person, pray. If you're an atheist, keep them in your thoughts. If you're a cynic like me who is disgusted with humanity killing each other, give a loud 'Fuck You' out. But do all this without exploiting some tragedy for your benefit, least of all on the Internet.

Person: Thankfully, no one will listen to you. But what problem do you now have with the Internet? It's such a wonderful medium which has changed the lives of people for the better.

Me: The Internet is a cure for sure. It's a cure for the greatest disease white people have faced since they found themselves closest to self-actualization than any species before- boredom. The articles, the movements, the tearful stories, the memes, the platforms and apps have all been designed to serve one purpose and one purpose alone- to never bore the white people. But the cost of creating the world's greatest boredom killer was too much even for the world's most powerful race. So they went about convincing the sub-par humans that they too suffered from this same disease of boredom. These 'less fortunate' ate it all up because it helped distract them from the real problems of poverty, corruption, bias and oppression. So now we have an incestuous setup which celebrates its success and progress without achieving nothing more than the annihilation of boredom.

Person: That's.....the most eloquent portrayal of bullshit I have ever heard. It's low.. even for you.

Me: Think about it- you're happy, sad, outraged, marveled, disgusted, and obsessed online but you're never bored are you?

Person: Right. So it's all about race isn't it?

Me: Yes, maybe some parts of it are about race and privilege. Maybe this is why the inherent bias of the real world even makes it online. There were no #IAmSaudi Or #IAmIraqi solidarity movements. The Paris Attacks, Belgium, Orlando, 9/11 are to be mentioned in the Hall Of Horrors. But a Google Map showing a bomb infested Baghdad since 2003 isn't shocking. Countless bombings in Africa by extremists isn't shocking. Because somewhere deep down, we have accepted it as 'part of a plan'. It's like what the Joker said in The Dark Knight, nobody loses their minds until we reach a tipping point like a toddler drowning in the Mediterranean.

Person: I advise you tread carefully. You may have just kickoff a 'what-aboutery' war now. And who is giving a pop culture reference now? Nolan? Really?

Me: Try me

Person: Why compare the deaths? Are you implying some deaths are more important than others?

Me: No. I am emphatically stating that a mix of social, cultural and medium based norms has created the appearance that some aren't as important as others.

Person: The black men shot by the US police for no legal reasons?

Me: Horrific.

Person: Dallas?

Me: Horrific.

Person: Hmmm. Baghdad bombing?

Me: Horrific. All of it. I am simply suggesting that the hypocrisy addicted species that we are, we must sometimes endeavor for consistency- if you wish to weep for the gruesome departures in the world and make a spectacle of it, do it for all. Keep the flags of Iraq and Saudi Arabia as handy as you did that of France.

Person *laughing* : Sure. People will listen to you. Because you know, everyone comes online to be a political activist.

*Our phones buzz*

Person: Kashmir. Again.

Me: Maoists. Again.

*Both look at each other for a while*

Person: Have you seen this Panda video? It's too funny.

Me: No but I want to show you this awesome standup. He is too good.