Sunday, 1 February 2015

I Will Remember You

The story which couldn't be,
The life I dreamt of for me.
The yes I waited for from you,
But Darling, I will remember you.

The clouds of doubts will rise again,
Someone will come to hurl them away.
When I hold that hand in gratitude,
I will remember the first one who knew.

She will laugh when I am silly,
I hope she finds me funny.
Reassurance would feel good,
Validation always came from you.

They will laud and worship me,
Excellence does that you see,
Mediocrity is a lonely journey,
But I still had you.

The world so often disgusts me,
People are so slippery.
When I lose faith in humanity,
Your kindness grounds me.

Affection is making me exaggerate,
Maybe you aren't that great.
You did me so much wrong,
Yet I miss you when you are gone.

Dreams I believe in more than reality,
Where you see me finally.
The world to me is such a blur,
To me, it's just her.

I am sure to be forgotten in a heartbeat,
Enslaved to the moments of forced civility.
As we depart to be pretentious strangers,
I hope I am not the only one who remembers.


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  2. Hi Devang, this is a beautiful poetry! Keep writing and sharing! :)