Thursday, 7 August 2014

Who Do We Think We Are?

Born by luck into the world,
Rich or poor was never a choice,
Yet punished and rewarded are we for it,
Who do we think we are?

"Look at her-the size of a planet"
Perfection is that which the papers said.
Let me judge her for the mass on the scale,
Because nothing else matters.

"Study.Ace it.Good Money.Good Life."
Followed the ladder all you could,
Had a slip as you climbed,
Now you are out of the race,
So long and Goodbye.

"Tell me a bunch of lies which sound good,
Sit there perfectly and impress me to give you a job."
System is broken but it doesn't matter,
It was done this way and will be done again,
In five minutes I will know all about you,
Except the things which truly mattered.

"What cowards they are? Gave up on life so soon."
Talk as if your life is so smooth,
Did you know the pain and suffocation in their heart?
"All life is Holy" is not just a slogan,
Talk when it is your point of action,
To give hope and love to all those who need,
And prove that there is more to life than misery.

All because she wears what she feels?
Something the world calls Fashion,
Plastered and coveted all around,
Good to see on models in magazines,
But the sister, wife or girlfriend wears it,
Lock them up for it’s a crime committed.

Good to see women in clubs,
Just not good enough to take them home,
"She better listen to me when I talk,
Or I have a right to hit her when I want."
Let her have education so that she makes me proud at parties,
Just not enough to make her stop relying on me.

"Consent is a matter of opinion."
But in every language you search,
"No" has never meant "Yes".
And after they mutilate life beyond recognition,
"Boys will be Boys; she should have been careful."
Who do "beings with penises" think they are?

He is cute, strong and stable,
The other is just ugly, weak and a mess,
Let him love me as much he wants,
A real man is only tall, handsome and successful.

"You call him X and I call him H,
Let us fight because the names don't match."
Pieces of stones fight over a being,
Neither has ever seen.
He exists that is for sure,
As long as you love him,
What is there to squabble for?

"The world is too big,
Let me think about me."
Little fleeting moments of kindness I pass,
To gain that materialistic object I think I want,
Not knowing who I stepped over and crushed,
In my greed for my wants.

I will rebuke you for your flaws and inadequacies,
Call you names for mirth and laughter,
Kindness feels good but is so boring,
Vanity is easy to believe than humility,
Alas! Humanity is such a scarcity.

Changed the world and reshaped it,
Perverted the forces we couldn't grasp,
"He made me the supreme being,
I am the king of all I deem fit."

We fixed things that were never broken,
And ignored those which were almost extinct,
As we wrote our chapter of self-destruction,
We failed to ask even once-
Who Do We Think We Are?