Saturday, 19 July 2014

I Cover You

Painting By-Alex Alemany

I cover you,
From the head to the toe,
Every inch of the freckle,
To the tiniest cell which grows,
I cover you.

From all your perfections to the flaws,
The anger inside and the fear you don’t show,
From the hatred for me to the secrets you keep,
I cover you.

From that bright shiny smile and thoughts,
To the dark and lonely truths,
I cover you,
Even if you don’t want me to.

From that heart which is kept locked away,
To the brain which always says no,
The hesitance and doubts which work against me,
To the feeling which never comes,
I cover you.

From the glitter of the smile,
To the cold wet plains of tears,
From the strength and bravery you have,
To the kindness you bestow here and there,
From the edges of your ears,
To the slight touch of your fingers,
From swaying to the beats,
To the laughter which deafens me,
From all that is good and pure,
To that which stales and rots,
I cover you.

Have me or not,
Take me or not,
Abandon me or not,
No one will cover you,
Like I do.