Monday, 3 February 2014

As I Stood There..

As I stood there with a smile on,
They came and greeted with a wicked look on.
Golden moment it was to be a friend,
Because happiness defines it all.

Smiles were all around and laughter filled the sky,
But in between these moments of escaping joy,
I see a mirror in their eyes,
Not of what I am, but that I can never be.

The warmth turns cold as I frown in despair,
That "Equal to All" brotherhood got afraid,
Because here stood someone unafraid,
And that which does not fear loneliness can see through it all.

Quickly they ran before It could be unmasked,
The frailty of their demeanor and the innocent lies,
A custom of centuries which is a must.
And all I did was stand there.

Soon alone I was, not that I was never that before,
The vessels had just parted,Lonely I always was.
For reasons I quite do not know,
Humanity puzzles me and everyday more so.

As I stood there in the pool of reflection,
A child comes to me ,dancing with a smile.
I lift him up high above to see a smile of Sun
Which could end this bout of doom,
But what I see makes me shudder,
It is me from ages ago, that child I once was,
Now lost forever.

He laughs and laughs and then vanishes about,
As I stood there with all my dreams around,

Life came back like a gust of wind,
Sprawling every corner my naked eye could see,
I stood there like a statue, observing.

I saw that, which others ignored,
I revealed that which others feared,
I was the toast of the town,
But never it's friend.

They stand like one and even among them I stand apart,
Oh, the sting of Pride for being the One among those Many.
I feel no despair anymore, just plain and simple pride,
I am different of them all. Smile.

But what is this feeling of chill inside this heart,
You are revered, isn't that enough?
Loneliness returns to this aching heart.
As much as I love being that which cannot be Many,
I must admit it is not easy being Me.

I trust none and love few,
I dream more and hope even less,
"Men are designed to destroy"
I say on repeat to remind this ache.
Which still hurts again and again.

How can I get that which I so need?
To be apart and yet loved?
To be true and also be told the truth?
To fight and be fought for?
To endure and be endured for?

It looks like a forever road.
It looks the search for Holy Grail.
Let me give up for there is nothing here,
But to stand and whither till no one cares.

As I stood there ready to accept this fate,
To be forgotten before I could be remembered,
Someone came and stood there too,
A fellow someone with pain who,
Had eyes which were a mirror to me,
Yes they showed what I was and so was she.
Pain thrived alongwith hope
And among the melancholy,
We smiled as if on dope.

As I stood there among the crowds of billions,
The depressed fool born to suffer and persevere,
Someone came by to take me away and always,
And never again did I stand alone....


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