Monday, 16 December 2013

Waiting For Jesus

Johnathan loved this time of the year. Not for the usual "Holiday Cheer" which swept the town but the highly requisite break from work which came with the month long celebration. The Jefferson farm was almost ready for Christmas and the produce was ready to be delivered to the markets. There was not a worry in sight.
Johnathan had just finished the Christmas tree and the cold night was not going to deter him from lighting the stable too. He makes his way to the stable but stops on seeing a small figure in front of the stable. He draws closer and realises that the object in his path is a boy.
"Aren't you the O' Reilly’s boy?"
"Yes sir. Peter O' Reilly."
"Well son what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the church, helping out your folks and the town for Christmas?"
“I will go there in a while."
Johnathan sets up a ladder and begins his climb with the lights and ornaments. He does not let socializing ever slow his work down and today was no different. The lights were spread all over the stable roof and decorations were put on the edge and the corners. He looked at the spread and felt a sense of pride. He began his climb down to the empty ground.
But he was surprised to see Peter still standing at the exact same spot.
"Are you looking for something?"
"I am waiting for Jesus."
Johnathan chuckled at the reply.
"There are scores of kids like you at the town mall, asking for Santa and giving him their wishes. Why are you waiting for Jesus?"
"Well, Mama said that it was Jesus’s birthday on Christmas. So all this that we do is for him. And Santa can only get you toys and chocolates. I have enough of toys. I want something which only Jesus can give me by coming back."
"Why do you want Jesus back?"
"Mama said that a long time ago, he came and changed the world. I want to change the world, so I need him."
Johnathan paused at the unanticipated replies he was receiving. He had felt a sense of pity for Jesus."The Son Of God died for us. Look what we did with that opportunity? He died for humanity. And now only humans remain, covered with greed and the seduction of the Serpent. Forgive us Lord for insulting your sacrifice." That was his silent prayer every Christmas.
"What do you want to change Peter?"
"Everything. I want him to give us enough food so that the whole world can cure their hunger. I want him to give us even more chocolate."
Johnathan smiled at the simplicity of the child's demands.
"I want him to kill money. So that my Mama can get that cancer treatment she needs. The mean doctors refuse to treat her till she gets the money. She tried working at two jobs. But She got even more sick. I want my Daddy to stop drinking. I want him to be less mean."
The smile evaporated from Jonathan’s face. A small kid did not want a man in a Red Coat for Christmas. He wanted the Son Of God to save his Mama.
"I need Jesus. I need him to change this world. Then I will grow up and make it better. But I need love at first. As Mama says, anything which begins with Love, will always last."
"Kiddo, I am sure Jesus is listening to you. But why come here? You can pray to him better in Church."
"He came to us the first time in a stable. Yours was the only stable I knew that was close enough. So I have been waiting here every night for an hour since 2 weeks."
"Why don't we start walking towards the church and you tell me what else you will ask Jesus?"
Peter nodded. Johnathan lifted him up and they began a walk towards the church.
"And call me Johnathan."
"Yes, Peter."
"I hate money."
"Yeah. So do I my friend. So do I."
The Jefferson farm was enveloped in a blanket of silence. There was not a soul to be seen or heard for the entire breadth of the farm. Suddenly, strong gusts of winds began. A plastic angel at the top of the stable fell to the ground.
Three figures made their way from the back gate of the farm. They were singing a word in perfect harmony.
"Jehovah! Jehovah! Jehovah!"
A burst of bright light swamped the Jefferson Stable which broke the sleep of every animal in the stable.
To some a conspiracy, to some an elaborate show, but to many, it was just what the world needed.

A Christmas Miracle.