Thursday, 4 July 2013


"When the history of our time is written, you know what we will be called? The Bubble Age." Dr Sant declared with conviction as he was telling his secretary with another gulp of whiskey. She types and awaits his next word. She is still at office while across town her boyfriend is waiting for her so that they can go to the hottest club in town. But her tormentor boss has a speech at a huge conference tomorrow with hundreds of VVIP's and aired across the nation. But you need money to pay for the shots. So she is not going to protest.
"We all want the bubble of ignorance. The comfort of our family, friends and lovers around us. He forgot to kiss me before he left for work. My son is not studying and conforming the way society desires. My eldest son has no zeal to earn or to carry on my family business. Are we doing enough for the baby? How does it all matter? Do you know in the next 12 years wars are not going to be fought on oil, but for clean water? We are, by even the most optimistic predictions going to face a water crisis globally. The worst in Mumbai and Delhi. We grow and grow with no thought. There are families who think it’s more profitable to live in slums with the risk of infections and diseases than in a clean secure environment. But everyone loves their bubbles-The teen wants the girl he loves, the nerd wants the new laptop for better gaming, the Jock wants to win his next game. The teenage girl is worried about the way others see her. The mother of her children worries about what they will amount to in life and will they ever be responsible. And that businessman is trying to chunk in the last piece of currency to add to his ever-growing pile"
"The Terrorist wants to kill as many as he can to prove his point because he believes blood changes the world as per his wishes. There are wars because someone wants a piece of land. We made the world a more dangerous place and then we expect to thrive and hope. We invented the atom bomb and now want to reduce their supply; We are busy killing each other as if it's a race on who beats us all to heaven and hell."
Sant stops and sighs." Climate Change. Asteroids.  Epidemics.  Social breakdown. We are staring into a dark abyss and what we want is not to save the world or correct it, but the next I Phone model."
He chuckles and gets up. His secretary is staring at him with her jaw wide open. He comes to her desk and turns off the computer."But sir that was not saved!"
"Enjoy the club, Miss. I will see you Monday." She gets up and looks back at him with a puzzled look.
"When the whole world is going down the drain, all you really wanna hear are Fairytales."