Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Night Satan Called

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name...” I turn in my bed and with minimalist enthusiasm, my hands reach for my phone. When did I change the ringtone to Sympathy For the Devil. I don't recognise the number and I accept the call with the sole intention of chiding them for the "Un-Godly" Hour call.
"Hello" a voice sweet as honey greets me and sleep is instantly de-prioritized.
"Hello Madam, I am sorry I don't recall who you are?"
"It does not matter who I am, what matters is what I can do for you”. The sweetness grows even more but I can see that this is not a SOS call and rather a prank or even worse-the services which married men like me should not be associated with.
"Ok I am not interested in anything that you want to offer"
"But I think you are interested Mr Matthews." Suddenly a stern voice of a man replaces the honey-filled sounds which greeted me.
"Who is this? Do you know what time it is?"
"666.That's all the numbers that matter to me. John, You are talking to the eternal Genie, the greatest Salesman ever to walk the earth and the only true friend of your kind. My name is Lucifer."
"So you want me to believe that you are The Devil?"
And as the words were being spoken, a plate of donuts appears on my bed.
"You were craving for these right now aren’t you?" giggles the man on the other side of the phone.
I jump out of my bed away from the donuts as if they were leopards, out to get me.
The Prince of Evil gives out a loud sadistic laugh.
"So John, What will it be? That new client is very attractive isn't she? Want me to set it up? The wife will be completely clueless. Or that new promotion which Richard is getting, wouldn’t you want it? Want me to make him go away? Or you want me to pay a visit to your stepfather who wants to grab your late mother's wealth, wealth which is rightfully yours. Tell me John."
I give all his offers a thought and then shake my head to reiterate to myself. He is the Devil. I try to turn the tables on him "What makes you so special and better than me? You may be the Fallen One, but the fact that you have "daddy issues" makes you pretty human too. Where is your father? Have you resolved the anger you have towards him? If you do that then I know you can perform miracles."
Now silence engulfs my surroundings. But it was just silence before the storm
A gust of hot breath burns my ears as my phone becomes too hot to hold. I drop it on the bed and step away to the corner of my room. Then the phone speaks at deafening pitch.
"My Father chose you. You gang of imbeciles who breed greed and degeneracy in the world. He regrets his decision. You blame me? You brand and curse me for everything bad in this world? I am a mere seller of contracts and wishes; it is you and your kind who accept the temptations i offer. You think because you are the buyer, it absolves you of any wrongdoing? No it does not. If humans are so noble and strong, why do they give in to me .Lying, Cheating, Greed and Lust cannot be committed with the innocence of the perpetrator. As far as you are concerned Johnny Boy, You will succumb to my charms. You have had few misgivings in this life, but I can sense your need to fail. You will soon be my customer." The voice ceases to speak and the phone burns to ashes. I quickly throw it on the floor to prevent my house from burning down.

As far as his words go, I did give in to his charms three months later. There were no personal calls, no visits or coercion. The natural human desperation lead me from a path of "somewhat" righteousness to a dark abyss of numbness. I did it once. I did it twice. I never stopped. I went on till I felt cold and hollow deep inside. I got what I wanted. I lost what I needed. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

It Was All A Dream

I follow him,the brother of the Son Of God,
With a stone and force I make him fall asleep to the ground,
"Run!" I beseech my lord and he does with a blessing in my name,
And then a tap of my mother wakes me from this noble quest.

"Bella!" I shout,echoing at every corner of Florence being built,
Da Vinci stands lost in his world and
Michaelangelo is jubilant at the appreciation,
And suddenly I wake up remembering to study.

"Write a book on your life" I shout in a tavern,
A drunk scribe laughs "Me?The mortal common flea?"
Little does he know that he is the King Of Words,
The Soul Of The Age drinks it up and agrees.

"To be or Not to Be,That is the question."
Echoes in the Globe as claps thunder,
I stand,I cry,for words be living things,
Permeating the flesh and blood of me,
A part I cannot shake,
Words are loud -"Get up,Son!"

Armored Guards make way for me,
I stand before him-The Emperor Of India,
He smiles and welcomes me to a grand chamber,
"Din I Ilahi" vibrates through the chamber.
For its him the King Of Kings-Akbar.
And suddenly comes Optimus,
To sully my dream and wake me.

"Don't give them a port"I scream in the crowd.
"Make them Partners!The British will destroy us"
Jehangir Jehangir echoed the Delhi crowds,drowning my voice.
And a regretful me welcomes himself back to reality.

A jovial crowd gathers as a man in shawl walks,
Two women on his either side as he greets his audience,
And I come charged with a knife,"Godse!"
Knife lies deep in a guy with a gun,
I smile with relief.I saved him.

"You have got to take it easier Mate!"
A guy with glasses hands me over some beer,
"I am John,These are Paul,Ringo and George"
And they all hummed a tune,something familiar I felt.
"All you need is love,eh?"
Shouted Paul and all four burst into laughter.

I look down and see myself in a fine cotton tuxedo.
I look up and my eyes go wider,
"That is the prettiest smile I have ever seen."
She walks up to me and hugs
"How are you Al?"
"I am fine Audrey,How are you?"

I storm at the Iron Throne,
With a sword in my Hand,
"Today I slay a King again along with a Queen"
I shove it deep in Joffrey and Cersei, as they look at me,
Jaime Lannister killed Family.

"You got me something?What is it?"
A loud exuberant shout emerges,
"You did this?" And I see a wide smile.
Only dream where I am Me
And she embraces me,
Happy and Smiling,
"Its all back and I am happy"
With that thought, Eyes open.
Memories make the best dreams.

"Child I stand before you with an offer."
"I am the angel of dreams and I can make your glorious musings your reality"
"So I will no longer stand aside,watching others dreams come true?"
The angelic smile said  "Yes".
Alarm thunders.
As I come back to the reality of nightmares, I smile.
You can put me through what you want,
You can shove me high and low,
But All my dreams are here to stay,
When the world abandons me,
With my eyes closed,
I rule it for eternity.